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World Book Day Poem Competition Winners

1st Prize in the World Book Day Poetry Competition

World of Choice, by Grace Booth 8DN

A fairy tale a day,
Keeps the tears away,

Poems and rhymes
Pass the time.

Open the door,
Find out more,
See what magic is in store.

Reading is good for everyone,
Full of adventures, full of fun.

Action is tense, thriller is thrilling,
Horrors frightening and skill crawling chilling.

Reading romance on Valentine’s Day,
Transporting your mind to worlds far away,

Mystery is secret and unknown,
Makes you feel like you’re not alone.

Comedy is full of fun and laughter,
Makes tears of joy, drip down after,

So never complain that there’s nothing to read,
There’s a book out there to fulfil your need.

Runner-up in the World Book Day Competition

Books by Colm Campbell 9JG

“Read more books” mum always said to me,
but I would rather watch TV.
“Switch that computer off”,
she would always say,
but all I wanted to do was play.

Once when I was sick in bed,
I had no TV so I read instead.
And do you know, I began to enjoy
The books I had when I was a boy.

Soon I learned to read much more,
And discovered what I did not before.
Inside each novel, a story lies,
It can come alive before your eyes.

So put your I-Pod and play station away,
And read a good book for an hour a day!

Highly Commended Poems

World Book Day by Christina Nicholl 10LB

We have lots of books in our school,
Our shelves are bending with the weight.
Reinforcing is what they need!
Leather bound I love to see,
Deep inside that book I’ll be.

Best to read a book in bed,
One by one the pages I’ll live.
Oh next thing I’m fast asleep,
Kicked the book out in my sleep.

Dastardly deeds, and nights turned to day,
All these things I have to say,
You will find,
When lost in a book one day!

Books by Laura Petkute 9ES

If you’re feeling lonely or sad,
And it’s cold outside,
If you want adventures,
Fantasy or crime,
If you want some mystery,
Comedy or love,
Just take one step forward,
Chose a book,
Learn from it and enjoy.

Books are just for everyone
They’re always there for you,
Waiting ‘til you’ll find out,
What difference they can do.

Books teach you everything,
About our big wide world,
Take one step forward,
Chose a book,
Learn from it and enjoy!

World Book Day by Paul Cummings 10RM

Books, books, books galore,
Some want less, some want more,
Which are the ones that you adore?

Books about love,
Books about hate,
Some about freedom,
Some about fate.

Books can be big,
Books can be small,
Pick one up and read away
It might be one about a play?

Books are wonderful,
Books are great,
They are not things that you should hate.

Books, books, books galore,
Which are the ones that you adore?

I love books by Aimee Truesdale 8DN

Books made me sad,
Books made me glad,
Books make me laugh,
Books make me take a path,
Books make me cry,
Books helped me make a pie,
Books make me silly,
Books make me warm,
when outside it’s chilly!

World Book Day by Aldara Soares 9CS

Words dancing,
Oh beautiful books,
Reading well,
Luster in your eyes,
Discover new words.

Beautiful navigating in words,
Oh, it’s scary,
Keep your reading fun.

Do you like to read?
Adjectives in English,
Yes, I like to read.

Books by Ciara McCabe 8DN

Books make me feel happy,
Books are very interesting,
Books by Jacqueline Wilson are the best,
There are many books to choose from.

A world without books,
is like a world without water.
We cannot live without them,
They make us who we are.

Without books I could not
Have stepped into the world of
Tracey Beaker, Harry Potter or Matilda,
Life would be very dull indeed,
And I could never become
The Librarian I want to be!

World Book Day Art & Design Competition Winners

Joint 1st
Paul Cummings 10RM – ‘Lord of the Rings’
Ryan Burton 10RM – ‘A Knights Tale’

Runner-up Prizes went to:
Sinead Hardy 9CS – ‘Guitars’
Ross Meneely 10LB – ‘Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince’
Yousef Jaafar 10RM – ‘The Lion King’

Highly Commended
Nathan Quinn 9CS – ‘DJ Scooter’
Christopher Steenson 10RT – ‘Spike’
Hollie Roberts 10RT – ‘Vampire Plague’
Lewis Forsythe 9CS – ‘Giant Apes’
Aldara Soares 9CS – ‘Ocean Life’
Joanna Sadkowska 10RT – ‘My Four Faces’
Sara McGleenan 10RT – ‘Blood Sinister’
Cecilia Ward 10RT – ‘The Princess Diaries’
Laura Petkute 9ES – ‘Anna in the Dream World’
David Maye 10RT – ‘Flame’
Andros Soteriou 10LB – ‘James and the Giant Peach’
Natasha Hay 9JG – ‘Fairy Tales’
Layla Doxey 10RM – ‘Make-up’
Gareth Nethercote 10RM