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Attention all GCSE and A Level students!

Have you visited the college library recently? No, then why not call in and see the selection of revision guides that are available for all GCSE and A Level subjects being studied at the college. If you need any help Miss Gilligan will be available during the opening times to help you find what you are looking for.

Return of Library Books
As the end of term is fast approaching all library books that are presently on loan should be returned to the college library as soon as possible. If you have lost a library book then please come and speak to Miss Gilligan during break or lunch time.


A big word of thanks to all students and staff who attended the recent book fair, held in the college library. The annual book fair was enjoyed by all who attended to purchase books, stationery and posters. We managed to reach our target and in doing so have received over £300 pounds worth of books for use in the library. Thanks also to Aileen Ferguson for all her help during the week of the fair. Keep checking the website for details of when the next book fair will be held.

Year 9 student Aimee O’Donnell pictured with College Librarian Caroline Gilligan at the recent Scholastic Book Fair.

World Book Day Competition Winners

Useful Websites

What is a Library?

The Library is an essential pillar of support in any school, a “learning laboratory” whose skills are the very foundation of the curriculum.

The demands of the present day curriculum require pupils to have access to a wide range of materials.

Therefore a school library is indeed a multimedia centre, co-ordinating resources throughout the school, providing an apt, environment for learning and ensuring that pupils and staff acquire the skills to locate and use information, and providing, too, fiction and recreational material.

The purpose of a school library is to support the educational work of the school. This purpose is achieved in two ways: by providing the children with the means of finding whatever information they need; and by encouraging them in the habit of using books both for information and for pleasure.

We at the Integrated College Dungannon endeavour to fulfil the above in as best a way as possible.

General Organisation of the Library at ICD

In the library you will find the following sections:

  • Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
  • Reference

Fiction books are arranged in alphabetical order by surname of the author. The fiction books can be found on the shelves that are along the wall in the library (it is like an ‘L’ shape). The Classic novels can also be found on these shelves but they are in a separate section of their own.

Easy Readers
There is also a section of both fiction and non-fiction easy reading material. The range is varied and this year, the fiction books have been put in to boxes according to the type of story e.g. Sport, Horror, Romance etc.

These books can be found in the two large freestanding shelves (also in an ‘L’ shape). As you may already know, all libraries classify books so that you can find a book more easily. This classification is known as the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme. At ICD we also use ‘Colour Coding’ to try and help you get more familiar with the Dewey system.

Reference books are usually Dictionaries, Encyclopaedias or Atlases. At ICD we also have a lot of books that are popular with students such as the Guinness Book of Records, and these books do not leave the library. All Reference books will have stickers, usually with RED writing, telling you if it is a Reference book or not.

Information about Borrowing

Under no circumstances should you take a book from the library without speaking to the Librarian, Miss Gilligan. As a Year 8 student, you will be allowed to borrow 2 Fiction or 2 Non-Fiction books. However, for the first 8 weeks you will only be allowed to borrow 1 book, so that I can see how good you are at returning your book on time. Any book that you wish to borrow has to be scanned in to the computer, at ICD we do not give you a library card, but all your details are on the library computer, which Miss Gilligan can access to issue you a book. You will be able to keep the book for 10 Days. If you are not finished the book within 10 days, then bring the book back in to Miss Gilligan and it will be re-issued to you. Remember you do not have to wait to your next library period to either return or renew your library book.

N.B. – All books that you are returning should be put in the BLUE BOX on Miss Gilligan’s desk and NOT on the Shelf where you got the book!

Overdue Books
It is very important to return any books that you have borrowed on time. The ‘Due Back’ date will either be stamped or written on the label on the inside front cover of the book. Whilst you have an overdue book, you will not be able to borrow any other book from the library.

Lost Books
It is very important that you take care of the books that you have borrowed from the library. If you do lose a book then you will have to pay for a replacement copy and when your pay for the book you will be given a receipt and that means you can borrow books again.

Library Computer
There are 3 computer with Internet access in the Library. It is up to your class teacher, to let you use the computer during your library period. Please be aware that 6th form students may be using the computers during your library period and they will be asked to let you use a computer, so long as you want to use the computer to research something, but not to play games.

Library Protocol
Whilst in the library, normal college rules apply. The library also has some additional rules that you should follow whilst using the library.

Library Rules
• Show respect for others by working sensibly in the library and do not disrupt the learning of others;
• Do not distract or annoy other students in the library;
• Do not chew, eat or drink in the library or bring any food or drink into the library;
• Walk around the library especially near the bookshelves;
• Do not run or push others;
• Do not take any books from the library, without speaking to Miss Gilligan first.
• Make sure the area where you have worked is clean and tidy before you leave the library.

Opening Times of the Library
As well as your class Teacher taking you to the library during class time, the library is also open at the following times:

Break Time – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday = 11.10am – 11.20am
Break Time – Thursday 11.00am – 11.10am
Lunch Time – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday – 12.50pm – 1.20pm
Lunch Time – Thursday – 12.30pm – 1.00pm

During this time, you can borrow books or use the computers. If you want to use the computers at either break or lunch then you must come and see Miss Gilligan to ‘book’ the computer.

The library is there for YOU to use and if you are not sure about anything or need help in any way, Miss Gilligan will be in the library at all times to help.


The non-fiction section of the library.

The seating area in the library.